Bring Dozer Day® to your community

Ready to become an event partner with Dozer Day®?

Thank you for your interest in bringing the Dozer Day® event to your community.

It is our great privilege to make our proprietary processes, intellectual property, and technological infrastructure available nationwide. Included below is information on Dozer Day®‘s success and how you can become an event partner.

Working with Us

One of the benefits of becoming a Dozer Day® Event Partner is exclusive access to event directors nationwide. If you have a question, need ideas, or simply just need a first-year mentor, odds are someone else has needed this too. You can streamline your event planning by learning from your event partner peers.

We offer a ton of resources that will help make planning your event easier, save you time, and even automate some mundane processes. In addition we also offer the following:

Dozer Day® branded website

Our team takes care of the setup, maintenance, hosting, and major design aspects of our event partner websites. Some key features that are customized to your needs include:

  • Tickets and merchandise sales through Afton Tickets. Ticket sales with unique QR codes for fast guest check-in.
  • Online sponsor package sales capability included.
  • Waivers and Image Release policies are part of the ticket checkout process. The releases are shown and must be accepted by the ticket purchaser before a payment is processed.
Templates and Document Sharing

We’ve created templates that are shared with all event partners so you never have to recreate the wheel. Document sharing hosted by Microsoft OneDrive. 

Graphic Design Templates

Clone existing Dozer Day® branded print and digital assets and customize them to your location without hiring a graphic designer. Powered by Canva.

Dedicated Support

Our team has compiled resources and video tutorials to help you navigate our website tools. But never fear! If you get stuck, you can contact a real human. We even assign a Dozer Day® team member to be “on call” during your inaugural event.